Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Today, I'd like to shout out the bargain balm that is the Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter (£3.20) This cult beauty is made of gentle ingredients (olive oil, chamomile and vanilla) is rich in texture and has a scrumptious scent, similar to that of cake mix. As well as being the answer to a smooth derriere, BBB makes for soft, sweet skin all over by providing a soft velvety base for makeup (my foundation blends beautifully overtop); soothing and protecting dry, chapped skin; adding moisture to nails and cuticles or as a nourishing, overnight face mask. It's the baby aisle's answer to Elizabeth Arden and I highly recommend.

E x

Thursday, 10 March 2016


Tip: Topshop polish is da bomb. Think polka dot packaging, speedy dry time and opaque coverage in one coat; the DIY mani dream. This metallic glitter-gold shade is called Crystal Clouds (£6).