Tuesday, 25 February 2014


L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution 200ml | £3.32 Superdrug 

      This drugstore super dupe has been high on my beauty wish list for some time, so when I finally got around to snapping it up, I couldn't wait to sweep off my slap and see if it was better than Bioderma. After all it's a lot cheaper and much easier to get hold of!

I must say I'm suitably impressed. Like Bioderma, the solution feels like water, it's fragrance free and super gentle. It removes make-up easily without spreading it around the face and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. All in all though, Bioderma still reigns supreme, I find it to be much better in the eye remover department, whereas I had to tug a little bit using the LSP. Another thing is the applicator and its soggy situation - as soon as you tip it into your cotton pad, the liquid splurges everywhere so you end up with lot more product than you actually need. That said, I still think this makes a fab drugstore alternative to my favourite french stuff and at over a tenner cheaper I'm not complaining. It's definitely something I'll be snapping up again when on a budget. 

Have you tried this makeup remover? 

Sunday, 9 February 2014


      All H&M 
Happy Sunday! Meet my simple mash up for cocktail hour and thereafter, paired with loose locks and a bold matte lip. I love a skirt-sweat scenario and this comfy combo is my current go-to come the weekend. I picked up the skirt for under £15 and the sweater was £7.99? Ah-mazing! I've been lusting after this pair of Nike Roches' to slip on alongside for an easy day-time vibe too. Oh and FYI I'm sporting the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square.

Friday, 7 February 2014


17 Phwoarr Paint, Heavy duty under eye concealer | £5.49 Boots 

A few weeks ago my skin hit a serious spot of bother. I tend to sport a lonely blemish on occasion, but for the most part my skin is fairly well behaved. The unexpected breakout was horrific, my face had erupted in a rash of painful red spots and then the unthinkable happened, I ran out of concealer. During the emergency Boots trip, this little pot took my fancy.... 

Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint is dubbed as a 'heavy duty under eye concealer' but I find it works its magic best as a blemish-busting cover up. The heavy duty title means business, it's full coverage and the creamy formula is a breeze to blend. If I'm having a particularly bad skin day, I'll apply this under foundation and on top, after doing so, imperfections become virtually invisible. I find using a brush feels a little too heavy with this, so I like to gently blend and pat it in using my fingers. I'm really into the minimalist, snap shut packaging and I like that it's travel friendly with a built-in mirror for speedy touch ups. Admittedly, I don't love it as much as an 'under eye' concealer, it becomes creased and cakey after a while - but this may be due to the fact my skin is slightly dryer in that area. Despite the lacking under-eye situation, for a drugstore spot cover up I think this is ah-mazing and I will definitely be snapping it up again soon. 

What's your favourite drugstore concealer? 

Saturday, 1 February 2014


 Coat | Topshop
Hat | Primark  
Scarf | H&M
Jumper | Borrowed (Cheers Moo)
Jeans | Topshop
Socks | Topshop
Boots | Office
Bag | Zara

This week has been a busy bore, packed with university finals and job applications (eeeek). So I'm taking some time out for a lazy weekend of sleep, yoga and brainstorming. I've been working wooly togs and boy shapes in a bid to keep warm and cosy. The navy cable knit actually belongs to my friend Milly but I'm definitely going to snap one up for myself, it goes along with just about anything and fuels my love for all things with a blue hue.