Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Pretty Honest The Straight Talking Beauty Companion | Amazon

If you're a beauty advocate in any such form, you absolutely need this book. Whether you're an expert, an amateur, or simply an enthusiast, you will read Pretty Honest and adore it. If you haven't yet heard of its author, Sali Hughes, google her now. Sali is all-round journalistic whirl and has an amazing online forum (check it: Sali Huges Beauty) and she's Welsh to boot!

Now on to the book... Pretty Honest (£11) is made up of 33 chapters which each tackle every beauty subject and scenario imaginable, from brows, botox and being a bride to manicures, men and motherhood. 

The book begins with an insightful guide into identifying ones skin type, mine has recently switched so I found it particularly helpful alongside Sali's advice on acne, waxing, skin conditions and crap hair days further on into the book. There's also some glorious gems on perfume, red lipstick, power-house makeup and sex-proof mascara in here too, with a fabulous comment from Sali on Chanel's signature scent: "To me, wearing No5 is like carrying a loaded pistol in my knickers." 

Sali covers every aspect of beauty with a real-life perspective and honest advice, each chapter is personal, interesting and entertaining and you will learn a little something in all of them. Alongside the tips and tricks, each of them feature product suggestions and ingredients to look for within those products with a selection of high and low-end brand options to explore. 

All in all, this is a funny, practical, pretty and wonderful book that will attend to your every beauty need and see you through the years. A happy purchase indeed. 

E x

Sunday, 26 October 2014


As a loyal devotee to Chanel Vitalumiére, I was somewhat reluctant to slap anything other on my mug, but after a four-year-long love affair, my shiny forehead started to come between us and our relationship has since come to a sad and sorry end. It's important to point out that Vitalumiére is still a beautiful foundation, it just no longer works for me. It gives a natural and dewy finish and is an absolute dream to apply due to the fact its formula feels like that of a moisturiser. For these reasons, it's perfect for dry, dull or mature skin, but my skin type has since switched from dry to oily/combination and a 'dewy' finish on my face now translates to an over enthusiastic disco ball, but that's enough about my ex f...

In a bid to move on, I headed to Chanel's counter to peruse the brand's alternative bases, I wanted medium coverage, longevity and a natural matte finish and this little black bottle ticks all the boxes. Perfection Lumiére Velvet has a light, liquid formula and as its name suggests, provides a velvet matte makeup result. 

It's smooth and easy to apply, and makes for a natural, second skin finish, it feels lovely and soft too (I often stroke my cheeks afterwards). I also find it lasts very well with little sign of shine, although I do like to  follow up with a touch of Les Beiges. Its simple chic black packaging is also super compact and easy to travel with. 

All in all, I adore Lumiére Velvet, if your skin is on the dryer side then I'd advise you to avoid it, but if like me, you're an oily, combo or normal gal, you'll be all over this.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think? 


Sunday, 21 September 2014


Back in June I travelled to Paris to turn twenty one, in addition to seeing the beautiful sights, visiting Coco Chanel's apartment and treating myself to a box of macaroons at Ladurèe, I couldn't wait to indulge in a celebratory splurge inside the city's coveted cosmetic mecca; City Pharma. The brand busting pharmacy is sacred, packed with excitable ladies and tiny aisles stacked high with heavenly products at bargainlicious prices. With this in mind, I'd recommend an informed shopping list and a pair of sharp (yet polite) elbows. Here's what I picked up:

The Bioderma Créaline H2O cleanser needs no introduction, but it's certainly something to stock up on when in France as it costs around half the price of what you'd pay for it here in the UK. This gentle water cleanser takes off my face like no other, with speed, ease and zero irritation. It also works a treat as a spot cleaner for makeup brushes. 

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir had been on my wish list for some time, plus FYI it's VB's fave! The botanical-based facial mist refreshes and smoothes the skin, leaving your face feeling perky and hydrated. I'm not even sure how or what it does, but it's good, very good. A total lifesaver for those long, post-party days too. 

I picked up the Embroyoilisse Lait-Crème Concentaté cream on a whim as I'd ran out of my daily moisturiser. This stuff is amazing and my favourite find of all the french goods. It acts as a versatile cream that can be used as a cleanser, mask, primer or as a moisturiser. I tend to use it as the latter and due to its light and soothing texture, it leaves my skin feeling plumped, soft and ready for makeup. 

Another winner I picked up from the Embroyoilisse brand was the Hydra-Masque (which sadly isn't available in the UK) It's a 5 to 15 minute leave on and wash off intensive mask that brings super soft results similar to those of the Origins Drink Up mask, expect it's half the price! It's a hero for nourishing dry and tired skin - the perfect sunday treat.

After watching and revising Isabelle Bellis' guide to cleaning ones face on ITG here, I couldn't wait to pick up the Le Roche-Posay Serozinc. This easy spray-on toner can be used to soothe and purify the skin before and after cleansing and feels SUPER at the gym. I'm a fan. 

I also picked up the Le Roche Posay Effaclar Duo & Cicaplast. The Effaclar Duo is the ultimate spot-stopper, read my full review here. I'm still yet to try the cicaplast, as I'm  unsure of exactly how to use it? Advice in the comments would be much appreciated.  

Nuxe Rêve de Miel's magical lip balm works to nourish, moisturise and transform lips overnight, I've been using mine for well over a year now and as a result, I no longer need to apply balm during the day. The formula in the pots is rather thick and so it's best applied at night, but for matte-lipstick situations and on-the-go scenarios, Nuxe also have a lighter, stick-form offering that's just the ticket for travelling. 

E x

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Six months ago, my skin was nothing short of a hormonal horror story, with aggravated acne, painful under-the-skin spots and bumpy blemishes. I suspect this was due to a combination of third-year stress, a house move and contraceptives pills. Feeling spotty and miserable, I soon found myself looking at Le Roche-Posay, I'd never tried the brand before but I'd heard wonderful things about the Effaclar Duo + 

Three months after I began using this, my skin was practically back to its old self again. The product boasts corrective, unclogging, anti-imperfection and anti-mark properties, all of which I found to be quite true. The formula has a gel-like consistency that sinks into the skin with ease, although it does
have a slightly tacky feel to it. (I tend to apply this at night pre-snooze, so this isn't really a problem for me)

Even after the first application I noticed my skin felt calmer and soothed. Although it took a few months, this product really helped to smooth out the bumpy surface of my skin, reduce redness and clear up my acne. On the whole, my complexion is looking a whole lot' better nowadays, but whenever I feel a breakout coming on, I whack this out and slather it on to stop spots in their tracks. 

I've recently finished my first duo and snapped up another in Paris (stay tuned for a City Pharma haul). This is definitely a game changer for me and I think everybody should own a tube! 

Have you tried the Effaclar Duo? What's your favourite LRP product?

E x

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


There's been a whole lotta' lacquer love up in here lately and I'm all about this perfect polish from Rimmel. The Kate Moss Salon Pro in Hip Hop is an orangey-pink toned red and makes for glorious sunshine nails and toes! The wide-angled brush makes it a breeze to apply and one coat gives an opaque and glossy finish plus the formula is surprisingly chip-resistent (just make sure you use a top coat) Oh and did I mention it's under a fiver? Bargainlicious. x

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I often find myself coveting the Urban Decay Naked palettes for their dreamy pigments, stunning glitters and beautiful shades, but sadly, I'm currently not the richest of ladies (sob), so I set my sights on a bargain replica. Cue MUA's Undress Me Too palette, I snapped this shadow set up for just £4 at Superdrug. It's a cheap, do-it-all neutral eye palette, packed with a selection of matte and shimmer shadows. I'm really enjoying it so far, the shadows are well pigmented, pick up well and the day to night shades are lovely - think everyday mattes, nudes, taupes, glittery golds, bronze, browns and charcoal. As for the lasting power, it's nothing amazing, but seeing as it's under a fiver I'm not about to complain. You do have to be a little careful with fall out too, but as long as you're not too heavy on the application it doesn't tend to happen too much. 

Have you tried this palette? What's your favourite MUA product? x

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Say hello to my new favourite hand cream. This little offering comes courtesy of Origins and is part of their Make a Difference + range.

Packed with natural ingredients and plant-extracts, this stuff smells delicious and works a treat on tired and dry worked hands. It melts into the skin in double-time and feels super nourishing. The consistency is thick without being too sticky or greasy, so there's no sliding around the keyboard post-application. A quick rub leaves my palms and digits silky soft and smooth. If you're already a fan of the Make a Difference + range, I highly recommend you give this a go, the scent is so fresh and natural and it does a lovely job. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Sometimes, it's all about the little things and a bit of beauty indulgence never goes amiss!

I recently picked up these golden-packaged products in an effort to cheer myself up (and for under a tenner no less) I'm currently in the depths of completing my final project at university, cue lots of stress, terrible skin and misery. And so, I decided to snap up some treats, here's what I picked up:

First up is a bottle of the L'Oreal Color Riche in Opera Ballerina. I'd been lusting over the Chanel Ballerina shade for the longest time, and I thought this looked suitably similar, and for £4.99 I couldn't well say no could I? It makes for a perfect pink, neutral nude and it's so easy to apply and wear. The formula has proven to be fairy long-lasting and chip-proof to boot (YAY!). Plus I love the gold, miniature packaging.

To the right is the H&M Mini Kabuki Brush, which was around £2.99. It's an ideal size for travelling or to pop in your bag for touch-ups on the go, it's relatively tiny but the bristles are super soft and it works surprisingly well with powders for the price. An added bonus is the sleek design, which looks super pretty on display with my makeup.

If you've got any beauty budget suggestions, throw them my way! I suspect I'll be in need of another treat before this project is over x

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Essie's Cocktail Bling is a chic, easy-to-wear, lilac grey lacquer that I've been lusting after for ages. I finally got around to snapping up a bottle and it hasn't left my talons since. The quality is tip-top as expected, and two coats make for an opaque nail. As with all Essie polishes, the fool-proof formula is chip-resistent and delivers a gorgeous glossy finish. I think this shade will look lovely for all-seasons, but I can't wait to sample it with sun-kissed skin in the summertime.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Confession: I only discovered my love for the glory of Lush a few months ago. The strong scent had always turned me away for years, out of fear of catching a head ache. Strong smells aside, when I finally stepped inside on a cold December day and got chatting to the lovely ladies inside, I fully embraced the glittery, fragrant world around me. I filled my basket with sparkled, bright soapy treats for some much-needed bubble baths at home over Christmas (FYI: my student house's bath is grey, stained and less than suitable for such an event).

After a multitude of magical baths, I returned to peruse the super-natural skincare offerings everybody goggles about. I made two practical purchases, which I've since re-snapped up for Spring.

The Tea Tree Water is my toner of the moment, at £3.95 for 100g it's seriously purse-friendly and contains just six ingredients. I love the spray pump action as it makes toning an easy, speedy step, plus you can keep spritzing throughout the day if need be. The anti-bacterial properties in the tea tree help to keep blemishes at bay and it feels really clean and refreshing on the skin. As with all Lush products, this product is best used fresh - it lasts around 3 months after its make date. Because of this, I tend to opt for the smaller bottle as I don't think I could use the larger 250g before its best-before date, but that all comes down to preference.

I also re-purchased the Popcorn Lip Scrub to exfoliate my pout and fight the flakes. It's an edible, salted caramel scrub I use as a pre-balm buff. It smells so buttery and delicious and really does the job well. You simply dab a little on your finger and rub along your lips, you can even lick off the excess. It's £5.50 for a little pot but it's worth noting that a little does go a long way with this.

While I was in store, I also picked up a Trial-Sized Charity Pot for a £1. It's a rich, all-round body lotion that doubles up as a good deed - all proceeds go to the grassroots charities Lush work with.

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Topshop's lipstick offerings need no introduction, but this particular shade has been lapping up the love for a long time and I thought it deserved a bit of beauty buzz. 

Whimsical is a pinky peach nude in a cream matte formula. It's a dream to apply and compliments just about any makeup menu. If you're looking for a neutral staple to add to your stash, this makes a lovely addition. The colour has a subtle, velvety finish and for under a tenner, it's positively bargain-licious. Plus need I mention the super-cute stripy packaging? As with all matte lip products, exfoliation is key. It pays to make sure your lips are looking tip-top pre-application, otherwise things can get a bit flakey. 

What's your favourite Topshop lipstick?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Say hello to my new super sneaks. I've had my eye on these (always out of stock) New Balance 420s in black & grey for months. So when they popped up online a few weeks ago, I ordered them immediately. I was after a casual boot substitute for Spring and these are just the ticket. They're comfy, sturdy, and pair well with my skinny jean uniform. My feet are very happy indeed.

Friday, 14 March 2014


  Topshop Coat
H&M Sweater
Zara Bag

Spring is well on its way, and the cold sunshine and light bright evenings are making me super-duper excited for summertime, I can't wait to wear some (ugly) sandals and whack on a layer of faux-glow for the tangerine dream season ahead. As of now though, I'm wallowing in the depths of fiery final-project hell, sitting in a sad, grey library. Roll on May I say! In an attempt to brighten up my gloomy days, I picked up another tartan woollen - this one comes courtesy of H&M and was under £8, a savvy snap-up indeed considering it doubles up as a picnic blanket!

Friday, 7 March 2014


This little Borjois trio came to be with a 3 for 2 treat, here's what made it into my Boots basket:

Bourjois Bronzing Primer | £9.99 Boots
Dubbed dupe for the Chanel Bronze Universal and over £20 cheaper than the real deal? I was sold. The formula is a soft mousse consistency with super longevity. I dab a tiny amount and apply it to the areas where the sun would naturally hit my face, then I follow up with foundation and rub on a little more to the tops of my cheeks. The finish? A super-smooth, subtle bronze, suitable for even the most porcelain skins. Oh and it smells divine.

Bourjois Cream Blush in 02 | £7.99 Boots
I've been a fan of the Borjois powder blushers for years so I was keen to try out the cream additions. I opted for a peachy pink shade in 02. The velvet texture is lovely, the colour is build-able and it blends like a breeze. 

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover |  £4.99 Boots
This little pot is genius. Simply dip in your finger, twist the bottle around for a second or two and voilà: polish-less. For £4.99 the price tag is less than ideal and more than I'd usually care to spend on nail polish remover. That said, it's great for travelling and speedy mani's on the go. 

What are your favourite Borjois products ?

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Happy Pancake Day! In celebration of this flip-tastic holiday,  I'd like to share a super healthy recipe while I batter up. Allow me to introduce you to the breakfast brunch of champions: homemade banana pancakes. Not only are they super scrumptious, they're also free from flour, gluten and dairy, annnnd they're made up of just two (of my favourite) ingredients: eggs & bananas. So, whack out your pan and lets get cracking (eggs)!

 To serve 2-3 pancakes, you will need:
1 Banana,  2 Eggs, Coconut Oil (to grease the pan)

 First up, mash your banana in a bowl until mushy. Next, crack two eggs in a separate bowl and beat them up, then pour them in with the banana and whisk into a batter. Then grease a heated pan with a small dollop of coconut oil, ladle in your batter, and get frying and flipping. Once you're done cooking, pile up your pancakes and whack on some fresh fruit and syrup. Agave nectar is a healthy alternative, but I couldn't resist a bit of maple with mine.

Have you tried this pancake recipe?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution 200ml | £3.32 Superdrug 

      This drugstore super dupe has been high on my beauty wish list for some time, so when I finally got around to snapping it up, I couldn't wait to sweep off my slap and see if it was better than Bioderma. After all it's a lot cheaper and much easier to get hold of!

I must say I'm suitably impressed. Like Bioderma, the solution feels like water, it's fragrance free and super gentle. It removes make-up easily without spreading it around the face and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. All in all though, Bioderma still reigns supreme, I find it to be much better in the eye remover department, whereas I had to tug a little bit using the LSP. Another thing is the applicator and its soggy situation - as soon as you tip it into your cotton pad, the liquid splurges everywhere so you end up with lot more product than you actually need. That said, I still think this makes a fab drugstore alternative to my favourite french stuff and at over a tenner cheaper I'm not complaining. It's definitely something I'll be snapping up again when on a budget. 

Have you tried this makeup remover? 

Sunday, 9 February 2014


      All H&M 
Happy Sunday! Meet my simple mash up for cocktail hour and thereafter, paired with loose locks and a bold matte lip. I love a skirt-sweat scenario and this comfy combo is my current go-to come the weekend. I picked up the skirt for under £15 and the sweater was £7.99? Ah-mazing! I've been lusting after this pair of Nike Roches' to slip on alongside for an easy day-time vibe too. Oh and FYI I'm sporting the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square.

Friday, 7 February 2014


17 Phwoarr Paint, Heavy duty under eye concealer | £5.49 Boots 

A few weeks ago my skin hit a serious spot of bother. I tend to sport a lonely blemish on occasion, but for the most part my skin is fairly well behaved. The unexpected breakout was horrific, my face had erupted in a rash of painful red spots and then the unthinkable happened, I ran out of concealer. During the emergency Boots trip, this little pot took my fancy.... 

Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint is dubbed as a 'heavy duty under eye concealer' but I find it works its magic best as a blemish-busting cover up. The heavy duty title means business, it's full coverage and the creamy formula is a breeze to blend. If I'm having a particularly bad skin day, I'll apply this under foundation and on top, after doing so, imperfections become virtually invisible. I find using a brush feels a little too heavy with this, so I like to gently blend and pat it in using my fingers. I'm really into the minimalist, snap shut packaging and I like that it's travel friendly with a built-in mirror for speedy touch ups. Admittedly, I don't love it as much as an 'under eye' concealer, it becomes creased and cakey after a while - but this may be due to the fact my skin is slightly dryer in that area. Despite the lacking under-eye situation, for a drugstore spot cover up I think this is ah-mazing and I will definitely be snapping it up again soon. 

What's your favourite drugstore concealer? 

Saturday, 1 February 2014


 Coat | Topshop
Hat | Primark  
Scarf | H&M
Jumper | Borrowed (Cheers Moo)
Jeans | Topshop
Socks | Topshop
Boots | Office
Bag | Zara

This week has been a busy bore, packed with university finals and job applications (eeeek). So I'm taking some time out for a lazy weekend of sleep, yoga and brainstorming. I've been working wooly togs and boy shapes in a bid to keep warm and cosy. The navy cable knit actually belongs to my friend Milly but I'm definitely going to snap one up for myself, it goes along with just about anything and fuels my love for all things with a blue hue. 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


   Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning | £13.60 Escentual

I'm a bit of a sunshine junkie when it comes to faux glow. My addiction began at 14 when I started rocking streaky legs and green fingers. Thankfully, I favour a more natural shade today - but a bronzed hue none the less. I've tried and tested countless brown bottles over the years and today I thought I'd share my favourite facial tanner with you, which comes courtesy of Clarins

This lovely stuff is designed for both the face and chest so it's just the ticket for adding a subtle glow to your upper half. I apply this post cleanse and pre bedtime, I squeeze a small amount onto a cotton pad and sweep it over my face and neck. The delicate milk consistency sinks into the skin in seconds. After just one night time application, morning skin appears more even with a warm radiant glow. It's essentially a gradual tanner that you can build up to the shade you fancy, I tend to apply it 2 to 3 times a week to build and maintain my tan. My bottle is now empty but it's lasted me over 6 months with regular usage, so it's a savvy little investment. Oh and it smells divine, there's not a whiff of biscuit with this one, the scent is all luxe and Clarins-y. It's a total complexion game changer. No full time fake should be without it.

What's your favourite facial tanner?

Saturday, 25 January 2014


           NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square | NARS £17.50

On board for a bright, bold lip? This joyous jumbo crayon is just the ticket. It's super pigmented, creamy, non-drying and hangs around forever. What more could a gal want? I'm a huge advocate for orange toned reds, especially when there's a matte vibe going on. So when I scribbled on Red Square at the NARS counter, it was love at first swatch. The rest is history as they say, and my lips are as bold as ever. The fat pencil design makes for an easy-peasy application, I simply line my lips and colour them in.  It doesn't budge or smudge and the colour stays strong all day long. For £17.50 It's pricey but it's perfect. 

Have you tried any of the NARS velvet matte lip pencils? 

Sunday, 19 January 2014


 Striped top | Topshop
Coat | H&M (Similar here)
Beanie | H&M
Bag | Topshop (Old)
Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Office
Socks  Topshop 

In an attempt to stay toasty,  the grey woollens have been out in force this week. But to avoid looking like a gloomy cloud I popped on my neon satchel from forever ago and slicked on a cheeky red lip. My last shopping splurge came courtesy of Topshop where I picked up these little wool mix socks which I'm overjoyed with - they're lovely and warm and work snugly layered over boots. Plus, the crop I'm wearing is a super dupe I found for the American Apparel pocket tee at Topshop, check it.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


After school boy blazer | £7.99 Essie

Get a load of this gorgeous inky blue hue. I always sport navy nails during the colder months and right now I'm repping Essie's after school boy blazer. Aside from the uber cool name, it's a super chic, long lasting lacquer that goes with everything. I was enjoying a brief love affair with Midnight Cami before this bad boy came along - which is a very similar shade with a metallic sheen,  whereas boy blazer is a more demure opaque. I can't see this leaving my talons anytime soon, big loves go to my sister who snapped it up at Christmas for me. 

What's your favourite Essie shade?

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Hat | Urban Outfitters (Sale)
Coat | Topshop
Blazer | River Island
Cami | Topshop
Watch | River Island 
Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Urban Outfitters
Bag | Zara 

Hello again! Apologies for yet another camel-cami-joni combo. I had a super lovely weekend, last week was all about library living, a.k.a third year. 300 Red Bulls later (sugar free FYI) I submitted my work and hit the toon for a spot of shopping. A trip to Topshop resulted in a sock and jean fuelled splurge - stay tuned for their debut. Oh and I finally got my mits on a NARS velvet matte lip pencil (Oooooer) So I'll whack up a rave shortly.

I hope your weekend was as exciting and sock filled as mine?

Monday, 6 January 2014


 From top L to bottom R

Clinique Moisture Surge Extra | £32 for 50ml Clinique

My moisturiser of the moment, this hydration booster comes in the shape of a cool, soothing gel that sinks into the skin in seconds. I apply it just before bedtime for supple plump skin in the AM.

Essie Polish in Midnight Cami | £7.99 Boots

The ultimate blue satin dupe to rival Chanel. Read all about it here. 

Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover | £13.60 for 125ml Escentual 

Believe the hype. This stuff is the drunk, lazy girls post party BFF. A few drops on a cotton pad and a quick fold over the eye melts away mascara, liner and shadow in one smooth sweep. Definitely worth investing in if you're the waterproof queen, although I'm very tempted to try L'Oreal's cheaptastic dupe. Full review here. 

Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream | £20 50ml Escentual 

This gifted mini treat has worked wonders on my dull winter complexion. The creamy exfoliator is packed with teeny micro beads that lift away flaky skin and impurities plus it's oh so gentle and scrubs like a dream.

Topshop Crescent Moon Highlighter | £10 Topshop

I picked this up during a love affair with its sister - the Topshop Glow Pot in Polish, I can confirm this is the pearly powdered version and lasts a lot longer in the pan. A little dusting makes for a gorgeous subtle shimmer. Check it here. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder | £3.99 Boots

A super-duper invisible makeup fixer that lasts almost all day for under £4. Need I say more? (well I did say a little bit more here.)

Clarins Lip Perfecter | £13.60 Escentual 

Your lips-but-better in a tube. This squeezable hero needs no introduction. Read the rave here. 

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails | £4.50 Bodycare Also available here

Sally never lets my talons down and Hard As Nails is an oldie but a goodie. It works as a miracle strengthener but as I've recently discovered also makes for an unbeatable topcoat. 

What are your current beauty bests?