Sunday, 29 December 2013


    Crescent Moon Highlighter for face & body | £10 Topshop

I'm an absolute magpie for highlighters, a gleaming collar bone never fails to excite. I picked up this pearly offering at Topshop after I became addicted to its glow pot sister. Essentially, this is the powdered version. The colour is a peachy pink, champagne gold with a subtle shimmer. It's super smooth and applies like a dream, I like to use the Real Techniques blush brush to dust it lightly over my collar bone and cheek bones. It adds a natural radiance without being too glittery and I can't recommend it enough. I still love the glow pot for precision highlighting but this makes a lovely powdered addition. Plus, I've been using mine for ages and I'm still a long way off hitting the pan, so you get a lot of powder for your pennies. 

What's your favourite drugstore highlighter?  


  1. Pretty highlighter!
    Oh my god, I want it.

    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

  2. I have read so many great reviews about this highlighter and its such a good price. I definitely need to give this a go x

  3. This looks So lovely, I need to pick it up next time I hit topshop!!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  4. I love the packaging and I really want to try out this highlighter! xx

  5. This highlighter looks gorgeous! I'm the same with highlighters, like a magnet i always prefer a more dewy look over matte.

  6. I have this it's a great product x