Sunday, 29 December 2013


    Crescent Moon Highlighter for face & body | £10 Topshop

I'm an absolute magpie for highlighters, a gleaming collar bone never fails to excite. I picked up this pearly offering at Topshop after I became addicted to its glow pot sister. Essentially, this is the powdered version. The colour is a peachy pink, champagne gold with a subtle shimmer. It's super smooth and applies like a dream, I like to use the Real Techniques blush brush to dust it lightly over my collar bone and cheek bones. It adds a natural radiance without being too glittery and I can't recommend it enough. I still love the glow pot for precision highlighting but this makes a lovely powdered addition. Plus, I've been using mine for ages and I'm still a long way off hitting the pan, so you get a lot of powder for your pennies. 

What's your favourite drugstore highlighter?  

Sunday, 15 December 2013


        Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder | £3.99 Boots

I'm ashamed to admit that until recently, I had never tried this product. The drugstore price tag and plastic packaging made me foolishly pass it by. Not to mention my skin's dislike to powders. That said, towards the end of each and every day a moon shine shimmer would be living it up on my forehead. Nice. So in an attempt to fix up my luminous face, I decided to pick this up and see what all the fuss was about....

My conclusion? It's the best darn' drugstore powder you will ever apply. It does exactly what it says on the plastic lid. It fixes up make-up seamlessly with a smooth matte finish and keeps shine at bay without a trace. I'm not sure if it quite lives up to its 12-hour promise but it does last 9-5 and with a quick re-application you're good to go again. I opted for the translucent shade but there's a range of colours to suit everyone. Oh and did I mention it's under £4? Bargain-licious. 

Have you tried Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder? 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover | £13.60 (125ml) Escentual 
I've tried a fair few eye-makeup removers in my time, both drug store and high-end and this tried and tested hero reigns supreme. It's a clarifying, kind and gentle lotion packed with translucent oils. To apply, simply shake it up, soak up a cotton pad and place, wipe or fold over the eye and let the liquid work its magic. Shadow, liner, and mascara melt away in seconds and it budges even the most stubborn waterproof wonders.  I like to follow it up with a spot of Bioderma to wipe away any excess to ensure my lids are left clean and clear. Although it's a bit pricey it's so worth the extra cash if you're a full eye make-up kinda' gal - it's such a delicate luxe product. Ideal for lazy days and drunk post-party, half-attempt removals with no rubbing or effort necessary. 

Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment |  £17.60 (125ml) Escentual
 I do love a good foot cream and this one is particularly lovely. It's packed full of goodies to nourish and soothe stressed out feet. Shea butter, arnica and kashew nut oil make for a rich cream that absorbs easily into the skin. I like to give my tootsies a quick scrub, slather this on and pop on a pair of cotton socks over the top and sleep in.

Monday, 9 December 2013


        Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Petal Shimmer | £13.60 Escentual

This little pucker perfecter is my favourite lip service. If you've read the raves, believe them. One quick slick makes for your-lips-but-better. The multi-tasking mini acts as a balm, a gloss and a tint, providing a hint of colour with a whole lotta 'moisture. Did I mention it tastes and smells delicious? The soft textured gel is super-easy to apply with it's spongy applicator and a little goes a long way; I've had mine since June and it's still going strong. This shade in particular is beautifully subtle with a pinky peach hue but there are a range of different shades available if you fancy a bit more pigmentation. Also it's important to note that this product does NOT do that windy-hair-stick stuff, which only makes it all the more perfect.

Have you tried the Clarins Lip Perfector?