Saturday, 1 June 2013

Skinny Love

      Heels | £12 Primark 

I picked up these skinny two-strap classics a few weeks ago for just £12. Primarni strikes again. These are a fool proof dupe for the Zara leather sandals - Tried and tested as I actually wore these out & about on the town and a lovely lady complimented me on my "Zara" heels! (YES!!) I let her in on the secret though! I was rather sceptical about this style of heels at first, as I thought they weren't high enough. I am now in love, these elongate the leg amazingly and look so simple and classic with everything and for £12 who could say no? 

Are you a fan of the barely there heel?


  1. Wow those are gorgeous! Yet another reason I wish we had a Primark in the states. I love the heel and the ankle strap!


    1. Its worth trying Ebay if you're after a pair, there's always tonnes of Primark stuff :) xx

  2. I absolutely love these and £12 is such a bargain. I love the Zara ones but definitely think I'll be getting my hands on these ones as they're cheaper! I am such a big fan of barely there heels as I'm quite a rubbish heel walker so don't really like shoes with too high or too much heel! :)


  3. i love spindly heels! my ankles don't. xx

  4. Love these!! I like the softer pastel colours available too.