Thursday, 27 June 2013

Clinique: Mini Reviews

I recently wondered innocently towards the Clinique counter, only to be seduced by 'Bonus Time'. For those of you who don't know: When you purchase two or more Clinique products during 'Bonus Time' you receive a free tin/makeup bag/holder of some sort.. full of miniature treats. This offer is super handy if you're looking to try out some new products or fancy some travel sized goodies.

I do love a bit of Clinique skincare. It's simple, unfragranced and it works (well, it certainly does for me). So without further or do, here's some mini review's for the mini's:

7 Day Scrub Cream
This scrub is super gentle, the beads are teeny tiny so it doesn't feel harsh on the skin like some exfoliators do. I use this by rubbing it in circular motions before wiping it off with a hot flannel. This works really well and removes any dry patches after just one use and so I'll definitely be re-purchasing in the future. 

Moisture Surge
This stuff is tip top and has been my go-to night time moisturiser for some time now. The formula itself is a cream gel. I like to slather it on just before bed. It feels really hydrating and smooth on the skin, sinks in quickly and leaves you with smooth, supple skin in the morning.

 Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
This little lotion makes a great day time moisturiser. The formula is light and feel's fresh on the skin. It's important to mention however, that this isn't a winner with oily skin and better suited to dry or normal/combination. 

Take The Day Off Makeup Remover
This is an oil-based product that needs a good shake before use. It's designed to remove even stubborn makeup from the lashes, lids and lips. I didn't love this. I used a cotton pad and folded it over my lashes, and placed it on my lids. Although it removed all of my eye makeup successfully, it took quite a long time and left an oily residue around my eyes, so sadly this one wasn't a winner for me.

  High Impact Mascara
I've been using Cliniques' mascara's for years now, this one is particularly good for volume, which you can build up to the amount you like. I personally like to tar it on, but if you're just after a little enhancement, two coats easily provide natural, long-looking lashes.

Are you a fan of Clinique? What are your favourite products?



  1. I've recently gone on a facial care haul! I bought over 30 items... I hope I use everything

  2. Great reviews lovely! :)) I am absolutely loving Moisture Surge at the moment, it has such great formula and moisturizes really well. Sadly, I can't say the same about Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion though, even though I have normal skin it broke me out like crazy! :(

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  3. I love their soaps - all of them, xx

  4. Great reviews! The mascara is great!

  5. Love clinique! Especially their mascaras!
    Great review! Love your blog!!!