Sunday, 26 July 2015


I was recently lucky enough to attend a fabulous Clarins event, during which I was given the goody bag of my cosmetic dreams, here are two of the wonderful things I found inside: 

First, let's talk lips. The beautiful bullet you can see is The Instant Light Lip Balm Perfecter, a wind-up balm that delivers a subtle sheen in a sugar-sweet scent with moisture and that perfect shade of your-lips-but-better. This is essentially the stick equivalent of the Instant Light gloss (which we all know is an absolute gem) the pictured product is in the shade rose and need I mention its glorious gold and pink exterior? 

The cheeky compact up top is the Multi-Blush in grenadine, a perky, rose cream blush. This is a fool-proof dream to apply, I simply swipe it onto my fingers and pat it into my cheeks and lips. It works a treat on a dewy base for those sleepy, secret no-makeup days. 

Have you used any makeup products from Clarins? 

E x

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