Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Coat | H&M
Scarf | H&M
Bag | H&M
  Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Deena & Ozzy at Urban Outfitters
Watch | Casio
Hat | Primark

I've been working this trusty combo in an attempt to stay toasty and beat the arctic air, it's been so so cold here.  Winter wardrobe-wise, wooly wrap have been my current go-to. Most of mine come courtesy of H&M, This coat was under £35 - it's light, layer friendly and I love it. As for the scarf, I snapped this up way back in June after trying it on in the sweltering heat,  I've finally been able to lug it out of my drawers and whack it on,  it's so snug and HUGE, it doubles up as a both throw and a picnic blanket - a worthy investment in my eyes.


  1. Your legs are to die for. Love the outfit, especially the scarf! x

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  2. Oh those boots!! They make the outfit, you can pull that hat off really well too, not something many girls can do! x

    Ineffable Beauty

  3. Love the hat! I really want to get a fedora type hat, but I'm just not sure if it would suit me :s
    Daniella x

    1. I resisted them for ages as I thought they were too fancy haha but I can't get enough of them now :)
      Plus Primark's ones are super cheap so great to try out if you're not sure xx

  4. love this outfit, you look so lovely

  5. I absolutely love this outfit!!!!

    Niki xx